This category encourages nomination and applications that have ideated and implemented sustainable livelihood and income generation activities and programmes with needy and vulnerable groups and communities in any part of North East India. Example, any activity with tribal or marginalised women, farmers group, or disabled community, or unemployed youth to work and earn decent livelihood and income, and has demonstrated output, outcome and impact can apply in this category.

povertyPOVERTY & HUNGER REDUCTION: This category is about any good initiative and practice that addresses poverty and hunger reduction. For example, measures in food security, food bank, skill and financial support system to lift people out of poverty and hunger, increasing sources of livelihood, social security measure, can apply in this category.

schemesACCESS TO PUBLIC SCHEMES, ENTITLEMENTS AND CITIZEN & E-GOVERNANCE SERVICE: This category seeks to invite any intervention, project, model or application by government departments and agencies, private, NGOs, CSRs and others that have positively enhanced better and improved access and delivery to government schemes, programmes, benefits to communities last mile, especially for the poor, marginalised, rural, tribe, minorities, Persons with disabilities, and others. For example, any intervention that has improved Panchayat level access of government schemes and benefits in improved and organized way can apply.

healthHEALTH, SANITATION AND WELL-BEING: Any project, application, intervention that has addressed key health issues and challenges better, brought innovations in access and delivery of health information and services, improved sanitations and practices by community and contributed in sustainable health solutions and problem solving are encouraged to apply in this category. Any public, private, civil society, CSRs and others are encouraged to apply in this category. For example, low cost improved and sustained health care service delivery in tea gardens of Assam shall be a fit example to apply.

educationQUALITY EDUCATION & LEARNING: This category seeks innovative, sustainable, and low cost solution in improving teaching and learning in classrooms, improved practices in attendance, learning by doing, Science-technology-Math learning, analytical learning by children in school or out of school setting. For example, any approach that encourages problem solving abilities of learners in and out of school settings shall be a good practice to apply. Interventions and practices by government departments, agencies, NGOs, CSRs and private and other players are encouraged to apply.

socialRURAL AND SOCIAL ENTERPRISE: Promoting and encouraging rural, social enterprises is key to alternative economic growth in North East because of its own geographical and natural uniqueness. Any project, programme and interventions that have encouraged and promoted rural, social, women enterprises in existing skills, activities or in new business and enterprise ventures to serve local, state, regional, national and international markets are encouraged to apply. Turning around any dying, traditional industries or economic activities are encouraged to apply.

environmentENVIRONMENT, CLIMATE CHANGE MITIGATION & DISASTER MANAGEMENT: The North East India Region is a different eco-sensitive zone, with distinct climatic, geographical, natural and environmental factors. There are natural challenges in flood, rainfall, earthquake, landslides, and manmade challenges in unplanned development, infrastructure development and others. Any project, programme that has advocated or encouraged in promoting, preserving and reduced effects of natural calamities, flood, and such other environmental and climate and disaster challenges are encouraged to apply in this category.

genderGENDER EQUALITY & SOCIAL INCLUSION: Generally women and other vulnerable groups and communities like tribe, minorities, and persons with disabilities, women workers, and workers in informal sectors are generally left out from mainstream development and growth processes. These groups face immense challenges in access to government and private welfare programmes, benefits, access to financial and digital skills and opportunities and social protection measures of the government. Any project or programme in any State of North East India or in the region that have been addressing these groups and communities are encouraged to apply in this category.

biodiversityBIODIVERSITY & NATURAL RESOURCES MANAGEMENT: The North East India region is rich in biodiversity and natural resources and one of the global biodiversity hotspots in the world. Preserving, protecting the rich biodiversity and natural resources and using it in a sustainable manner for livelihood, development purpose is a need and a challenge. Any examples or practices that demonstrate this with community at the core of focus are encouraged to apply in this category.

peacePEACE, JUSTICE & STRONG INSTITUTIONS: The North East Region is inhabited by more than 200 tribes, communities, and groups with their own cultural, social, economic and political of systems, presence, practices, aspirations and threats. The history and partition of the country has also played its role in fueling tensions and conflicts in the States and region from time to time. However, the true fact of life is no society or country is homogenous today. The best and practical reality is of co-existence and co-habitation and drive on each other’s strengths to make the society, State, region and country strong in today’s 21st century world. Any programme, project and approach that has helped to reduce threats, conflicts, tensions in any State of North East or in the region between two or more groups and communities, or helped to reduce or solve cultural and ethnic tensions and conflicts, are encouraged to apply in this category. Project or programme by government, NGOs, Civil Society, national and international agencies are encouraged to apply.

communicationINFORMATION COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY FOR DEVELOPMENT: In today’s world, digital or ICT is an important part of development, growth, governance, services delivery, employment, financial and skills and training processes. Without digital or ICT, no work is becoming possible or improved and strengthened. Any project or programme that has used ICTs or digital means and solutions to improve, strengthen and innovate in program design and implementation, services delivery, social and financial inclusion and in other areas are encouraged to apply in this category.

agricultutreAGRICULTURE & RURAL DEVELOPMENT: Sound and sustainable agriculture and rural development are key to overall inclusive and sustainable development in North East India. This will address employment, poverty, hunger, income generation and local economic needs of the region. Any good, sustainable practices, programme that has contributed in this area are encouraged to apply.

scienceSCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY FOR DEVELOPMENT: The use of science & technology in development processes and approaches are key to robust, long term and scale of development. The use of S&T in the North East India region has been very low due to reasons known. Any practice or programme that is promoting S&T in awareness, advocacy, practice ancd application in key development, industrial and institutional applications are encouraged to apply in this category.

cultutrePRESERVATION OF ART, CULTURE & HERITAGE: The North East India region has rich treasure of history, art, craft, culture, tradition, song, music, literature and other important wealth due to its rich tribal and cultural diversity. The challenges in recent times have been to preserve, protect, promote and use the old treasure of knowledge, art, craft and practices in solving key emerging development challenges. Any programme, project and innovation that are addressing these needs are encouraged to apply.

mediaMEDIA, CAMPAIGNS & DEVELOPMENT REPORTING: The local and regional media is playing and can play a very important and critical role in balanced and sustainable development in the region by keeping intact the region’s natural, cultural, social and economic resources. Without the effective role of media, the region cannot have a balance and equitable growth and development. Any such reporting, coverage, news, features that have addressed key development concerns and challenges in any State or entire North East Region are encouraged to apply. Any individual, organization or media using web and social media platform for the same purpose are encouraged to apply.

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