Fridays for Future plan to feed waste collectors


The Fridays for Future, a movement for climate justice, has started a social experiment called ‘power of 300’ in the social media platform Instagram to generate money to feed a waste collector in the city for an entire month.

Waste collectors, who keep the cities clean, are among the most affected sections of people amidst the nationwide lockdown.

“COVID-19 has posed immense challenges to humanity and led to financial struggle, especially the underprivileged section, who are suffering the most. So, our team has designed this experiment to generate money that is enough to feed a waste collector for an entire month,” a member said.

“To make this possible, we need at least 300 people. In this experiment, the people will have to keep their milk and oil packets clean and dry and store them for an entire month. We will collect those items from their doorstep. The money will be raised from selling those items, which will be handed over to the waste collectors,” he added. The Fridays for Future created a link through which anyone can register for this experiment.