People come forward to feed homeless people, stray dogs


In response to the appeal from the Guwahati Press Club, people from various walks of society have come forward to help feed the stray dogs and the homeless people.

“As responsible citizens of society, this is also our chance to help those in need – people living in informal settlements, stray dogs and living temple elements. Let us set an example by doing our bit for society and also encourage them to maintain social distancing and follow guidelines during the lockdown,” a statement issued by the Guwahati Press Club stated.

“Accordingly, in the first phase, we hereby request the members of the GPC or for that matter, any journalist based in Guwahati to volunteer for a noble cause of feeding stray dogs in your locality, or any other place where you wish to serve,” the statement said, adding that the food will be arranged by the GPC and volunteers are requested to contact at the following numbers to collect foodstuff meant for stray dogs. Interested persons have been asked to get in touch with Sanjoy Ray, GPC general secretary, at 8011745999, or Manisha Kalita, assistant general secretary at 7002055027, or Raju Baruah, organising secretary, at 9706245425.