North East Internet Governance (NEIG)

The goal of the North East Internet Governance (NEIG) is to engage individuals from various stakeholder groups in, of and for North East Region (NER) of India in talks on Internet-related public policy issues in NER on an equal footing. The NEIG seeks to educate and motivate individuals in charge of developing policy in both the public and corporate sectors, even when there is no agreed-upon outcome.  Read More

North East India Community Network (NEICNET)

NEICNET seeks to explore the need, scope and relevance for Community networks to help bridge the internet network connectivity gaps in the eight North Eastern States of India in the Eastern Himalayas. It seeks to the possibility of deployment of community network and operated by a community to meet its own connectivity needs as a viable and last mile alternative to bring the remote and rural communities of the Eastern India Himalayan States closer to closing the digital divide. Read more

eNorth East Award

The eNorth East Award, since 2010, seeks to identify, scout, recognise, promote and publish innovation digital solutions for sustainable development in the North East Region of India. More than 200 such digital innovations have been identified, recognised and documented and published. The innovations have been across education, health, education, livelihood, entrepreneurship, women empowerment and good governance.